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Baby Crib Safety - The Points to Consider

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By Chaim Golz

The crib next to the changing table is one of the most important things that any expectant mother should gear themselves with. It should be a place of comfort and safety because the kid will most likely spend most of their time in this equipment both during his sleeping and play times.

The government on the other hand recognizes the importance of the crib to every infant thus they set the manufacturing standards of 1973 that had largely improve the regulations of crib safety thus one can expect that every crib in US are safe. The irony is baby crib safety is something that mothers should take a deeper look given that it continue to be associated with child injury, an estimate of 50 infants in every year is killed and a total number of 9,000 are injured due to crib-related accidents in United States.

If you are an expectant mom who would like to shop for a fool-proof crib then there are top three things that you must take for consideration; safety, safety, and safety! The moment when you found the right one that will give the safety that you are looking for then that would only be the right moment to consider the secondary factors which includes the shape, color, and style. But nevertheless, safety should still be in the topmost priority.

Aside from the crib itself, baby crib safety also allows mother to look at the mattresses and the covers employed within the crib. The two most important factors in every mattress are the fit and firmness. A firm one is needed as to lessen the hazard given by suffocation. If you have something which is too soft then you will only allow the mouth of the infant to be engulfed within the fabric thus breathing may be obstructed which may lead to extreme drowsiness, coma or God forbid but it can even lead to death. In fact, soft mattresses are mostly the culprit for deaths that which were attributed to SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ).

To ensure baby crib safety in terms of the mattress size, go for one which can fit snuggly into the side of the crib. A mattress which is not rightly fitted can bring great perils since an infant may crawl beneath it and again lead to suffocation. Keep in mind that most babies are too weak to even bring themselves out of the mattress.

There are also accessories that you can mount to improve baby crib safety like the bumper pad which is a soft cushion that can easily be fitted within the crib in order to prevent your kid from hitting his soft and delicate head into the crib bar. As much as possible, secure all the bumper pads and cut the strings to the shortest possible length after being tied to prevent the trouble given by strangulation. Moreover, do not place your crib in the middle of big furniture since they can wedge your child in between and this will of course cause peril on baby crib safety. The same thing may happen if you put it against your wall. Do not also place your crib near the window drapery because it may fall over the crib. Indeed, as always , baby safety should be given considerable attention by parents.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chaim_Golz

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