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What is Baby Sign Language?

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By E Pat Lee

Parents have always wanted to be able to communicate with their children right from birth. Their feelings of helplessness in times of crisis or stress can be very frustrating. Do not despair or panic. There is now baby sign language.

When baby cries incessantly and mother is unable to make out what he wants despite checking the diaper for wetness or touching baby's forehead to check if he is hot and feverish, she can now use baby sign language.

What is Baby Sign Language?

It is a new way of communicating with baby using hand gestures, and common objects and actions associated with words.

Mother would have been showing her baby many actions and objects visually and orally while handling him and his needs daily. She would have associated all the actions and objects she says to him with signs or hand gestures . She could also have been getting baby to touch the objects or feel the actions with his hands and legs.

Parents now have an added avenue to get baby to communicate what he wants besides the true and time tested ways of being able to only check on his needs physically or by instinct. The learning abilities of baby are present before and at birth and are based on their senses of sight, sound and touch. They can quickly associate what they hear, see and touch with the signs mother uses daily while caring and playing with him.

How do you Teach Baby Sign Language?

Teaching this communication skill is mainly through modeling.

When you link simple words with signs baby can see, hear and feel what you are doing. He might be too young to mimic you but he is learning the meaning of what you are trying to tell and teach him.

Always make your signing and articulating natural. Never force baby to learn the sign language you are using to communicate with him because you are overly keen and anxious to relieve his pain or meet his needs. Let nature take its course and allow baby to associate actions, words and objects with signs in his own time.

As he develops and can use his hands, legs and facial features better, he will already know the signs to use to communicate with you even though he cannot speak. For example, whenever you are about to give baby a bath [Refer for more details at http://www.create-super-baby.com] sign and say "bath" and make an easy sign like pointing to baby's soft bath towel or his tub. Make sure baby can clearly see both the object and sign so that he can easily remember them. Start slowly and add more signs and objects gradually.

Another good word to teach is "happy". When you are rubbing or massaging baby gently, singing to him, or doing anything that makes baby relaxed whenever he seems to be very upset and is crying loudly, pause regularly and say "happy", before continuing to rub, massage or sing.

Teaching your smart baby sign language makes him a smarter baby. By the time he learns to speak, he would already know how to use his repertoire of words to tell you his needs and wants.

Enjoy Motherhood. Pat

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=E_Pat_Lee

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